Know Prince Appiah


Prince is a smart gentleman who believes in Purpose, Potential and Passion. He is a Passionate Leader who has lead and still leads Institutions, organizations, student bodies, groups and committees, across Ghana. Prince is a prolific writer and has contributed in many publications including the Top Class creative International magazine, ROLCREATIF, by RolCreatif Productions. He is an experienced Conference Speaker who has presented to 1000s of audiences in seminars, at conferences, youth camps and group meetings. He has been a Speaker and Master of Ceremony for many Leadership Summits, Personal Branding conferences, Capacity Building forums and many Business and Entrepreneurial Seminars.

Prince Adu-Appiah is an ardent distant mentee of Dr. Myles Munroe, the president and founder of the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) and Myles Munroe International (MMI). “God through Dr. Myles Munroe has remained my source of education, motivation and conviction to render genuine service. Dr. Myles is a Chief Ladder in my life. My dream is to have dinner with him at his home in Bahamas one day”.

Prince studied Computer Science and has a B Sc. Computer Science degree from the University of Ghana, Legon. His real passion though has always been the Idea of Genuine Leadership. Prince daily calls for genuine, pure and true leadership in Ghana, African and the entire world.”Selfless Leadership with godly purpose is what every generation of the world needs”

Prince Appiah places an emphasis on the fact that every individual, especially the youth of this generation needs 3 important things before embarking on the journey of life;
• Salvation – through the Lord Jesus
• The discovery of purpose and the development & release of potential
• Kingdom Living.


“My vision in life, is to live others better that I met them. I exist to help people discover their purpose in life, inform them of the potentials given them by God to fulfill their purpose and inform them to conceive the tested principles of life that will help them fulfill Proverbs 4:18.”

Currently at age 23, Prince is the Chief Operations Officer for MATRIX Institute, a capacity building and leadership development institute, the Events Director for Global Leaders Foundation, the Coordinator for Breaking-the-chains project for Royalty INC, an Executive member of HELP Group Ghana and a Computer Technical Expert for Indigens Afrique. He lives in Accra, Ghana.


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